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Forum Name: Mind-controlled-bunny@_@ (MCB works too)

Real Life Name: David

Sex: Male

Hmmm... yeah that about sums up me. Now for MCB who is much more interesting.


Name: Mind-controlled-bunny@_@

age: no clue

Sex: Male (usually)

Abilities: The original MCB is able to mind control various people, forum goers etc. and has a touch of magic that is used sparingly.

Race: Could be anything at the moment, I haven't really decided. (whatever I've been transformed into most recently?)


MCB: just is, he doesn't really have a past but his personality began from mine and slowly was shaped and warped by the mayhem that is mayhem. Often times post he makes will not make sense though deep down we all know he's right.

Once got MDM's head blown to bits by Malachy19.

MCB in certain RPs

MCB while usually being consistent throughout the entire mayhem has one or two or three variants. Some of these variants include

  • OOCKillers MCB: In OOC killers MCB possesses very powerful light and dark magic, he is able teleport many people at a time using his light magic. Currently MCB is not inside OOC killers. His presence can be found in the first few pages. Observers may call him overpowered but in OOCKillers there really is no such thing.
  • LPWMCB: He just recently entered the world of LPW through his closet. I don't know what magic or knowledge he has in this RP but it should turn out interesting.
  • ITAVTRASMCB: It takes a village to raise a Seynolu is one of the rps where MCB does control at least some powerful magic. About halfway through it was assumed he did not have magic by Kalga because he did not use any. The truth is that he does control magic but uses it sparingly.

Other Characters

Professor Thorn - Mayhem University

Jonathan - Mayhem University

Janet - Mayhem University

Crow - LPW

Mr. Finch - LPW

Frank Raven - LPW

Sonny - LPW

Moon Fig - LPW

more to come...

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